How lessons work:


Incorporating the newest and most progressive teaching methods and materials on the market has allowed us to provide quality lessons at affordable rates.  Once a book is selected based on skill level and goals, students soon discover the music lessons are taught in a structured and precise manor.  There is a lot of information to go over within an hour as our instructors work to develop disciplined, well trained musicians.  The focus in many music lessons plans prepare students to read charts and lead sheets, follow chord progressions, improvise, and the most disciplined students will learn to transcribe arrangements and compose their own pieces.

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Lessons Plans:


Music lessons will involve teaching the student proper care for their instrument,  working to develop a steady tone, improving playing technique, studying chord progressions, scales and arpeggios, as well as music theory to better train the musician.  Other areas of focus will vary from each individual instrument.  The music teachers are flexible and can tailor the lessons to every student differently and work on specific areas of focus so every one of our students’ needs are fulfilled.