Instrumental Lessons

Get A+ lessons from world class music educators.

The time between and student and their teacher is valuable and we won't waste a minute! We want our students to get a good musical education and are prepared to offer it.

Develop Technique

Our instructors work to develop disciplined, well trained musicians by working on sight reading techniques, studying musical progressions, and memorizing major and minor scales and arpeggios.

Enhance Skills

Beginners aren't all that we teach! Learn advanced techniques unique to your instrument. Dig deep into music theory and incorporate it when soloing, and in composition.

Build Repertoire

Learn a variety of styles from classical to contemporary. Different forms will be taught so students understand how songs are "put together" including the 12 bar blues, I-vi-IV-V, and AABA.

Sight read | Follow Chord Progressions | Understand Chord Voicing | Improvise | Play by Ear | Transcribe | Compose

Music Lessons are Offered on Several Instruments

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