About the Clarinet

The Clarinet is a Highly Versatile Instrument.



The clarinet is in the woodwind family. Sound is produced when a single a reed, held to the mouthpiece by a ligature, vibrates at different frequencies. The body of the clarinet is usually made from plastic or wood, and the keys are made from nickel or silver. The cylindrical body is what gives the clarinet it its unique reedy sound. Since there are so many different keys on the clarinet, including the register keys, it has the widest range of all the woodwind instruments. The clarinet is a Bb instrument, same as the trumpet and tenor saxophone. The bass clarinet, a cousin to the Bb clarinet, is pitched lower and is commonly found in concert bands and orchestras. Special care should be given to your clarinet in order to keep the corks and pads in good condition.  The body of the clarinet should be cleaned after every use with a swab,  and the mouthpiece should be cleaned monthly with soapy water and a bristle brush.  Because of it’s unique tone, the clarinet can be seen played in a variety of different bands including Dixie land bands, swing bands, and orchestras.


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