About the Flute

The Flute is a Timeless Instrument.



Flutes are in the woodwind family, even though sound isn’t produced with a wooden reed; it is made from air passing over an open hole. The keys on a flute are most similar to the keys of a clarinet or saxophone and have other similarities to woodwind instruments including the ways the keys are individually screwed to the instrument and pads are placed under each key to create a seal when they are pressed. Flutes are made of semi-precious and precious metals. Some are made of nickle with silver plating, some are solid silver, and others can be made from gold.
The flute is a highly versatile instrument with strong footing in classical music and can be seen in both concert bands and orchestras.  It is also very jazzy instrument and there are a lot of famous jazz flautists.  It is a very fun instrument to learn, and is a great instrument to pick up as a secondary instrument.  The flute can be seen marching in military bands, in a formal concert hall in an orchestra, or in more quiet, intimate settings like coffee shops.  Regardless of where it’s being played, the flute will always remain timeless.


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