About the Saxophone

The Saxophone is Still Young.



The saxophone is still young when compared to other instruments. At less than 200 years old, this horn knows how to show of it’s modern flair. There are many thing musicians can do to change the pitch by bending notes, growling, and using heavy vibrato; many of these sounds can only be done on the sax. The sax is a woodwind instrument with brass qualities. It used a wooden reed which vibrates to produce sound, but it is made of brass. It is loud enough to play in brass bands and not be drowned out buy the trumpets and trombones. There are four main saxophones, the soprano, the alto, the tenor, and the bari, from highest to lowest.

The saxophone has many moving parts and different keys. There is an octave key on the neck of the saxophone, and there are many other keys on the body. The cork on the neck holds the mouthpiece, and the pads on the keys create a seal when you press down on them. You will need a neck strap to hold your heavy saxophone, cork grease to care for your cork, and a swab to clean out the inside after every use. It is important you remove the excess condensation inside your saxophone so you don’t ruin your pads.


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