About the Trombone

The Mighty Trombone.



Trombones are in the brass family. They are made of soft brass and sound is created with a mouthpiece that sits directly on the musician’s lips. The lips vibrate at different intervals allowing higher notes and lower notes to be played in the same slide position. Pitched in concert key, the trombone is a versatile instrument that has, over the years, preformed in a wide range of different ensembles from orchestras to big bands.

What makes the trombone difficult is knowing where exactly to extend the slide for each position, since a trombonist doesn’t use valves like a trumpeter or keys like a flautist or saxophonist. It requires a great deal of ear training to be able to hear if the note are in tune or not so the player can know if he or she should adjust their slide positioning. There are many different types of trombones ranging in pitches from very high to very low, but the tenor trombone is the most common one today and is what students learn on. Intermediate trombones include tenor trombones with an ‘F’ attachment and the bass trombone.

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