About the Trumpet

The Trumpet is a Classic Instrument.



Trumpets are made out of brass tubing that is bent twice to form its shape. Sound is produced when your lips fit inside the mouthpiece and produce a “buzzing” noise. Most trumpets have three valves or pistons that changes the way air is directed through out the horn. These valves make the instrument chromatic: allowing all the notes to be played. The tuning slide on the trumpet will raise or lower the pitch so it can be matched to other instruments in the band. The Bb trumpet is the most common. Other horns that are similar include the piccolo trumpet, the cornet, the bugle, and the flugelhorn. There are many different sounds that can be produced with the trumpet when you change what your tongue and embouchure is doing. For instance, you can double tongue, flutter tongue, growl, glissando, and vibrato. These advanced techniques will set a player apart from the rest and enhance their solos.

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