Music Lessons

Lessons from Minnesota music educators



Taught in studio, or in your home


music lessons


The Music Studio

Meet at a professional studio for your lessons

Have your lessons at the studio and you will submerse yourself in a world of music and learning. Meeting at our location is a great way to get away from life's distractions so you can focus on your lesson. Here, you and your teacher will have plenty of access to resources and teaching tools to give your lesson a new direction.

music lessons


In-Home Lessons

Lessons taught in your home

In-home lessons are a better option for many families. Having one of our teachers visit you in your home is a great way to optimize your time by cutting out the commute of getting to and from lessons. When younger children are in a familiar setting like their home, they tend to feel more comfortable. Plus, parents can stay actively involved in the learning process.

Choose the Best Lesson for You

30 minutes is usually enough for beginners and younger students. Older and more advanced players tend prefer extra time.