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The trombone has been around for centuries and it is hard for scholars and historians to figure the exact time it was first introduced. There is some evidence leading them to believe the first slide trumpet came about in the mid 14th century to reach notes lower than a normal trumpet’s range. During this time in the middle ages, slide trumpets were used to preform for church services where royalty would go to worship and outdoors during festivities they would also attend.

It wasn’t until the mid 15th century the slide trombone was given a u shape. It was used during the renaissance period in operas and in church. It wasn’t until fairly late in the 17th century that music was composed for wind ensembles; prior to that bands used vocal music to play from. The trombone was inspired by the trumpet and made to be a loud instrument that could be played outdoors and for large groups of people.


Trombones are in the brass family and made from soft metal.


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