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Lindstrom Acoustic Guitar



This 40″ acoustic cut-a-way guitar is a great addition to your acoustic guitar collection. The fret-board features 20 well polished frets, visible markings along the fret-board for ease of performance, on a neck with adjustable truss rod. The body is made of basswood with eucalyptus backings, and the head-stock has fully enclosed chrome tuning knobs. Comes in black and blonde finish.



1. Size: 40 inch
2. Type: Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
3. Orientation: Right Handed
4. Guitar Color: Blonde/Black
5. Board Material: Basswood
6. Back Material: Basswood
7. Side Panel Material: Basswood
8. String: Steel String
9. Tuning Peg Material: Semi-closed Chord
10. Nut Material: ABS
11. Frets: 20
12. Nut width: 1.7″ (43 mm)
13. Scale Length: 25.4″ (652mm)
14. Guitar Dimensions: (41 x 16.1 x 4)”
15. Guitar Weight: 4.0lbs /1.8 kg

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blonde, black

9 reviews for Flash Sale: Lindstrom 40” Acoustic Guitar Cut-A-Way

  1. David B.

    I was looking at a replacement guitar for my Aria acoustic, as the bridge has started lifting on it. Happened to see this one on Facebook Marketplace, and I liked the shape, so I decided to try it out. Turns out it is a pretty good guitar, and dare I say better than my Aria.

  2. Mark Hanson

    the guitar is very well made. the woods are beautiful, finish looks nice, and everything feels solid with attention to detail. mine has no sharp frets and looks great. factory setup was good, the guitar needed no adjustments and was ready to play after tuning out of the box. if came securely wrapped and well packed.

    compared to Donner’s other “beginner” guitar DAG-1C, the mini jumbo sounds more round, a little more depth and a little more sparkle and high end, which makes each note stand out, and allows for powerful chords. tone range and volume are there, and sustain is pretty good, unexpected for this lightweight. sounds really good to my ears.

    the guitar comes with lots of accessories like gigbag, pretty good clip-on tuner, strap, picks, spare strings, and even a capo, so you’ll just need a stand or wall hanger for it.

    this is solid instrument, nice and easy to play, definitely a great first guitar for a kid, amazing value – recommended!

  3. Kevin

    Best budget Acoustic Guitar i’ve worked on. Quality wood Top, Back, Sides, Neck & Fingerboard. Brilliant & bright sound thanks to the Bone Nut & Saddle & the Mahogany & Spruce woods. Frets needed sorting on the ends but not as bad as the other acoustic guitars & that includes Harley Bentons who’s fret ends will cut skin – FACT!

    As with all guitars it leaves the factory as is, it will need a basic setup at the very least. I liked it, did a full setup and passed it on to a beginner who won’t realise what she has. I got the action down to:

    6th String at 12th Fret – 1.75mm (0.78inch)
    1st String at 12th Fret – 1.65mm (0.68inch)

    Worked on the Nut, Saddle & Truss Rod.

    If asked to recommend a beginner guitar I’d say BUY this and i’ll sort it.

  4. Huang

    First of all this is the first guitar I’ve ever bought, so it’s a bit hard to compare it to other guitars. However the good things are, it sounds amazing to me and it feel really good in your hands. It comes with all the necessary accessories too which is awesome! If I had to write something “bad” about it it’s that the strings are a bit hard to press down at the start, but once you get used to them and you build your calluses they feel really smooth. Would 100% recommend as a first guitar. Really happy with the purchase

  5. Dominique

    Great guitar! Well made with well made accessories. The bag is thick and padded…very good quality plus great storage for the great accessories it came with. Digital tuner is accurate and very easy to use. The carve-out in the body is great for range of notes. Bought for 13yr old my daughter who’s remote learning now due to COVID-19 and now has time and ambition to self learn guitar online. Also having an instructor help her… he was also impressed with this “first” guitar… highly recommend.

  6. Jake

    Nice 1

  7. Mary Devork

    Im an older beginner and love this guitar. The body is lighter in weight that I thought it would be but it has a nice tone and played well right out of the box for me. The neck was good and no adjustment needed. Others have complained about the strings but they are OK for me. They will need to be retuned several times before they settle in and quit stretching. The neck seems heavy compared to the body and it wants to pull downward so keep an eye on that. I dont like the shape of the stick-on pickguard and wont use it. I may look for another style online at some point. The case is ok just for general protection and the tuner works pretty good too. Remember, all of this is basically beginner material so dont expect professional gear. I only play at home so it’s all good. Last I checked, this guitar was out of stock so this review may be pointless anyway. Happy strummin’!
    Update: added a Gibson Songwriter style pickguard.

  8. Anon

    Its good

  9. Trevor T.


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