21″, 23″, 26″ Rosewood Ukuleles


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Rosewood had a warm appealing tone that makes this ukulele stand out from the rest. Enjoy crystal clear sound with high-grade Aquila brand nylon strings and quality rosewood materials used to construct this instrument. AKUA makes a variety of ukuleles backed by a 1 yr manufactures warranty. Many colors and styles to choose from.


1. Finish: Matt
2. Face Material: Rosewood
3. Back Material: Rosewood
4. Side Panel Material: Rosewood
5. Neck Material: Mahogany
6. Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
7. Tuning Peg Material: Metal
8. Nut Material: Plastic
9. Bridge Material: Rosewood
10. Binding: ABS + 5 lines

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21" Soprano, 23" Concert, 26" Tenor


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