This is what we’ve been working for

What We Stand For
We are a music company owned and operated by music teachers and musicians who teach for the love of music. We are here to help our neighbors when it comes to purchasing an instrument, or selecting a teacher who can meet their needs.

How it Started
Originally from Minnesota, Prince Music Company opened a music studio in New Orleans, LA and many students came through this location. We taught children as young as six, to adults in their 50’s and 60’s. In turn, New Orleans impressed us with music that originated in the city like jazz, bounce rap, and swamp pop. The greatest thing we took from this amazing city were the instruments the jazz artists of the south swear by. It was then that we decided to open a studio in Minneapolis where these instruments and music lessons could be enjoyed by our home town community.

Our Mission
Our mission is simple: To offer educational music lessons at a competitive rate from highly qualified music teachers in a safe and friendly environment. Also, to provide the community with an alternative to buying and renting high priced musical instruments.