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Private Bass Guitar Lessons Include:

The bass is all about playing those low, dense notes. In each lesson, you will learn how these low frequencies resonate in small or large ensembles and the role the bass plays in these groups. The bass should lock into the drums and work together to keep a steady pulse. The ears naturally listen down to the low notes for rhythm, and up to the high notes for melody. It all has to do with the way sound travels. You may choose the direction you want your lessons to go, but we do offer lessons on reading notes, jazz charts, lead sheets, and tabulature. You may also learn scales and chord changes to understand how to improvise and create solos. Arpeggio studies are important for learning walking bass lines.
bass lessons

bass guitar lessons in minneapolis minnesota

The Teachers:

We hand pick our teachers and take pride in the work they do. They are highly trained musicians with a talent for helping others learn music too. They are professional and take each individual lesson very seriously. They have a goal to make you a better musician, have fun in the process, and feel comfortable doing so. Kids are welcome to have their parents sit in on lessons whenever they like! Most of our teachers hold bachelors, masters, or doctorate degrees in music. They have taught at our facility and others schools too. Their education, performance experience, and time spent as a music educator gives them a very high level on knowledge. Our teachers have literally been studying music their entire lives.

Music and the Child:

When you can play an instrument, you know you have a gift! Kids feel confident when they can play music and show off to their friends. It's no surprise when a top level achiever can play an instrument. In fact, its almost expected. There have been many studies done on test results and IQ scores on musical children and they consistently are higher that their non-musical counter parts. We required our students to follow a practice schedule. This teaches discipline and study skills that can be used in other areas in school.

bass guitar lessons

bass lessons
Music in Minnesota Schools:

Many different subjects are taught in music including math, history, and language. Adults, take lessons too! There are benefits for you, as well. We are always learning and maturing as we grow. No set number that tells us when we stop learning. So don't hesitate, even if you haven't been in school for a while. Adults find they are able to learn an instrument much quicker than could as a child.