Private Lesson, Monthly: 45 Minutes




Private music lessons are a great way to enrich a child’s education. Playing a musical instrument requires the brain to make connection based on sensory. Lessons place an emphasis on learning to read music. Since musical notation is basically symbols on a page, it requires logic to understand it. We read the note on the page, then play it. Our brain makes a connection with the note and how the muscles in our body, including our fingers, arms, and cheeks, interact to create the sound. Then our ears hear the pitch and we remember what the pitch sounds like when we read the note on paper and physically play the note.


Playing an instrument at the very basic level requires us to activate the kinesthetic, aural, and logical sides of our brain all at once. There have been many studies done on how middle and high school kids who are involved in a music program rank compared to their non-musical counterparts on standardized tests like the SAT’s and the ACT’s. The kids participating in a music program rank higher across the board.


45 minute lesson, weekly, for one month on any of the following instruments:

  • Piano |Vocals
  • Guitar | Ukulele | Bass
  • Violin | Viola | Cello
  • Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone
  • Trumpet | Trombone


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