Air Plant Large Beach Vase


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Air Plants Large Vase will add beauty to your home décor of office setting. It includes three beautiful air plant with Spanish moss, beach sand, and other hand picked items. Each ornament is slightly different, but will contain the same items as described below

1. Three Medium to large size air plant
2. Small pinch of Spanish Moss
3. A bed of natural or colored beach sand
4. Two small sea shells
5. One large sea shell
5. A high grade polished crystal of rose quartz, amethyst, milky quarts, or similar
6. One or more high grade quartz points

Additional treasures may surprise you like tumbled colorful stones, additional shells, etc. If you have a preference you can state it at check out and those items will be included, subject to availability.

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#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6