Air Plant on Geode


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Bring nature indoors

Your geode will be unique and may not exactly resemble the one in the photographs but without a doubt it will be as beautiful. The air plants are temporarily attached to the geode with a dab of special clear plant glue. Over time they grow anchor roots, which has the sole purpose of attaching itself to things such as wood and rocks. geode can add a burst of color to your living space. This can be used for a centerpiece, an office plant or on your kitchen counter. Your tillandsia will be chosen at random to best suit the crystal and be either a Tillandsia Ionatha v Guatemala, Tillansdia Capitata Peach, or Tillandsia Fuchii. You can leave a note at checkout for your favorite and it will be supplied to you if it is in stock.

No soil required! Great for beginners in gardening

  • Tillandsia air plants require no soil and are a low maintenance houseplant. Air plants need water at least once a week. They like a bright location but not direct sunlight. Fluorescent/office lighting also works well.
  • Unlike most plants, air plants absorb water and nutrients through their leaves, not their roots. Water is recommended at least once a week by soaking them in water. Spray misting is beneficial in hot temperatures.
  • Air plants are circulation loving plants, hence the name. In their native environment, they appear to be floating in the air by growing anchor roots to attach themselves to other objects such as trees, waterfalls, and walls.
  • Tillandsias are great air purifiers that will help improve the quality of your air in your living space or office.
  • ​Fertilizer food is recommended once a month but is not necessary.
  • The ideal temperature range for tillandsia air plants is 50-90 °F. If your area is experiencing extreme temperatures and you are unable to be present upon package arrival, consider having the package sent to your office or workplace.

Quite the cosmic combination of our earth. This is so simple yet so stunning. Air plants are beautiful creatures to watch grow and the amethyst is a beautiful piece of geology as is. They are epiphytes that only get their water and nutrients absorbed through their leaves.

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