Fugue F220 Bb Rosewood Clarinet

Fugue F220 Rosewood Intermediate Bb Clarinet


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For the advancing player, Fugue clarinets are an excellent choice for your step up instrument. It features a rosewood body, silver plated keys, and sturdy construction so this clarinet will last and with age, the wood will season and the sound will get more brilliant. It is ideal for a step up instrument and meant to be played in a classical setting. This clarinet is designed for a smooth sound and intonation so that your instrument’s music will reach to the back of the performance hall or blend perfectly with your marching band. This intermediate clarinet comes with a leather case, mouthpiece, and ligature.


  • Body: Rosewood
  • Bore: Cylindrical
  • Keys: Silver-plated
  • Key System: Boehm (French) / 17 Keys
  • Special Keys: None
  • Pads: Standard
  • Springs: Stainless
  • Leather Plush Lined Case

A perfect step up  concert instrument?

2 reviews for Fugue F220 Rosewood Intermediate Bb Clarinet

  1. hannah

  2. Charles Mackie

    High end wooden clarinet. Has that amazing, aged wood sounding characterizes of clarinet. brilliant.

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