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Our Akua “Light” is our most popular acoustic guitar featuring a full size basswood body for a full timber, that is light and easy for transport. Enjoy crystal clear sound with high-grade steel strings and quality wood materials used to construct this instrument. Includes a gig bag.


1. Finish: Assorted Matt Colors
2. Face Material: Basswood
3. Back Material: Basswood
4. Side Panel Material: Basswood
5. Neck Material: Basswood
6. Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
7. Tuning Peg Material: Die-Cast metal
8. Nut Material: Plastic
9. Bridge Material: Rosewood
10. Frets: 21 Frets

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dark brown, Seablue, Sunburst, black metal, tan

5 reviews for Flash Sale: 41″ AKUA Acoustic Guitar

  1. georgina

    Got this for my daughter for Christmas. She loves the color, great feel, beautiful sound and she has already started lessons and has it proudly displayed when not in use. I highly recommend this for any beginner. I have played guitar for 27 years and am very pleased with its overall quality.

  2. Kyle D.

    I bought this guitar specifically for my daughter and her friends to play and learn on. I’ve been an avid guitarist for 35+ years now, and didn’t want the kids beating on my expensive guitars…

    There were several beginner guitar packages available for roughly comparable money, but this kit seemed to be the most complete. It includes a padded gig bag, a tuner, capo, an extra set of strings, picks, strap, adjustment wrench and even a stick-on pickguard you can attach if you’re so inclined. I’m very happy with the package.

    Upon unboxing this guitar, I was pretty impressed right away. It felt very solid and the craftsmanship was better than I’d expected for the money.

    The finish is interesting, being very “open” rather than having the usual plastic-y gloss finish that most low-end guitars exhibit. This finish shows flaws easily (and there were, of course, several cosmetic flaws to be seen) but it feels good and actually seemed to contribute to the tone and volume of the instrument. Even the tuners looked and felt solid; these usually being one of the first things companies skimp on to save money.

    Speaking of tones and volume, this guitar sounds really good. Very loud too. I was surprised by the volume.

    The string action is high, although still very playable. I’d say it’s perfect for a “Bluegrass” player, as they prefer higher action. Fortunately, there’s a tall plastic bridge saddle that any good guitar repairman could sand down to get better action easily.

    All in all, I have to say this is a very good value for a beginning guitarist; or even for a seasoned guitarist to keep around for travel. I honestly wish these were available when I started playing do many years ago.

  3. william

    I’ve been playing guitar for 25 years. This guitar is incredible! It sounds great! Comes with everything you need, including an extra surprise not mentioned on here! I never could tune by ear and the tuner included makes it easy even for beginners.

  4. LueAnn

    This guitar was a birthday gift for my 17 year old grandson. It was a wonderful buy for him. Within just minutes of playing it he commented how rich and great it sounded. A hundredfold better than his previous guitar. Thank you Donner for caring about the making of your guitars. Yes I would recommend you to anyone looking to purchase. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  5. Stanley Dodge

    Before getting to the details of the guitar, I must say that this is a crazy good deal and an easy 5 stars to give for a beginner package. They really put a lot of beginner equipment in with this guitar. I’ve been playing for about 25 years, and purchased this guitar for my younger brother who wanted to start playing. Before giving it to him, I opened it and played it for a few days before handing it over. Below is what I was able to notice while playing it.

    1. Action / Neck: Most importantly, the action wasn’t too bad at all. I put a picture of the string height in this review, so please check it out. I didn’t tweek the truss rod at all, and the strings sat fairly low right out of the box. I was expecting a much more bowed neck for a guitar at this price point. I measured the neck straightness with a straight edge and it hardly had a bow.

    2. Paint: There is a very flat paint on this, which I thought was unique, but I actually like it. The neck slides smoother than a highly lacquered neck. The paint job isn’t perfect, but its a $100 beginner guitar.

    3. Nut: As expected, it has a plastic nut, but no issues there.

    4. Tuners: Tuners seemed fine. They’re sturdy and I wound them with a string winder and they turned and held up perfectly fine.

    5. Bridge: It looks like there are a few carpentry corrections on mine, but again, no issues with its functionality and what I would expect for a guitar at this price.

    6. Accessories:
    a. Case: The case is not padded, but will work for any beginner. It has a large pocket on the front which is great to have. Everything worked great on the case, it had no rips or tares.
    b. Tuner: The tuner worked great right out of the bag. I like how small it was and easy to store in the gig bag.
    c. Spare Strings: I left them in the box, but I’m assuming they’re the same that’s on the guitar. They appear to be a light string, but I didn’t stress them out too much.
    d. Strap: the strap looks great, no issues at all with it.
    e. Pick Guard: My pictures do not have the pick guard on them. It comes in the accessories bag, and has adhesive on the back. You will have to put it on yourself, but its pretty simple.

    All in all, if you’re looking to get into playing, I think this is a great option for the price. They really throw in a lot to help you get started. A beginner will easily get a few years out of this guitar. I highly recommend it, and think this is a great value for what you get. I gave it 5 stars.

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