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Strumenti a corde violin is a beautiful, high quality student violin made from solid, hand carved tonewoods. It features a body constructed of maple with a spruce top, pear wood pegs, a well made, hardwood fingerboard, and a hardwood dresden style chinrest. This violin boasts a warm, mature sound with a beautiful, classic appearance. It comes in a matte finish, light colored with varnish on the entire body and along the back of the neck. It has book matched back as a solid piece of maple was used and delicately carved. It comes designed with playability in mind and includes a durable and high-quality carbon fiber tailpiece. It comes with a bow and a case, making it the perfect package for the student and intermediate violist. Comes in 3/4 and 4/4 sizes.


  • Model: 2500 violino
  • Oil varnish
  • Hand carved tonewoods
  • Book matched maple back
  • Naturally dried for 3 years solid spruce top
  • Carbon fiber tailpiece
  • Pear wood pegs
  • Naturally dried for 3 years maple back and sides
  • Includes hard foam case
  • Complete set up with bow
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6 reviews for Flash Sale: Strumenti a corde 2500 Violin

  1. Mike

  2. John S.

  3. Michelle Florenzo

    Nice violin for the price. My kids teacher specifically said not to buy the instrument online, he wanted us to rent it from one of the music stores but for the price it made no sense, not to mention I wasn’t sure if my kid was going to stick to it. We had some issue in the begging because the violin wouldn’t hold the tune and the teacher wasn’t being helpful because we didn’t do what he said, but after I personally spoke to him he said he could use a spray, that is proper for it, that makes it a little sticky so the strings wouldn’t slip so easily (forgive my lack of proper terms, he didn’t give me a name for the spray, that was his explanation) after he did that the violin was perfect. My son used it all year. The case handle broke, both of them, but I won’t hold this against them because I’ve seen how my kid would carry it and swing it so I’m not surprise it broke. I was able to stitch it back together and it’s been holding well. My older kid outgrew this one and I had to buy a bigger size so I went ahead and bought the same violin in full size too. Never had a problem with it. Now my younger son uses this one and even though I got the same speech from the teacher( different one) about not buying online she never said a word about this violin. This is a perfect product for a kid or a beginner and it comes with everything you need.

  4. Stacy Dorrin

    I bought it for a seven year old who had been playing piano for two years and really wished to try out a violin. She was not disappointed at all. I think you could hardly expect better sound and strings for the price.

  5. Phil Vang

    better quality than expected. good beginner violin for kids.

  6. Daniel

    I was a little apprehensive about the price, but those fears proved to be unfounded. This instrument sounds rich, plays great, and stays in tune. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a student violin

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