Flash Sale – Vandross Electric Guitar – Assorted Colors

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Vandross guitars begin overseas with high quality tone-woods and durable hardware fittings, have precision fretwork and excellent sounding pick-ups. Shop all of Vandross’ beautiful guitars and find the style that’s right for you. This offer is not available in stores! Free shipping to your home to help promote social distancing.


• Fingerboard: Maple
• Body: Basswood
• Neck: Maple
• Pickups: 2 x Single-coil
• Knobs: 1 x volume, 1 x tone
• Nut width: 42 mm
• Scale Lenght: 25.5 in
• Chromed top-load bridge
• 3-way pickup selector switch
• 22 frets

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Dark Teal Burst, midnight black, Natural Blonde, Sunburst

10 reviews for Flash Sale – Vandross Electric Guitar – Assorted Colors

  1. Ryan B

    One of nicest none fender telecaster copies im a tely guy and ive played a ton of copies my three other ones right now are fender but besides that this thing is killer if your on a tight budget are just want a really decent telecaster feels like and original sx copy super light body not cheap feeling light nice old school 3saddle bridge so get that tely sound even more don’t know why people crap on these their easy to make adjustments when need be nice superfast feeling finish on the neck pickups are soso nothing any worse then a bullet or anfinty squier no sharp frets it does have a fuller neck its says maple but does have a thick cut fretboard which sets of nicely tuners stay im tune some how at this price point neck pocket was perfect and Pickguard cut was very good to if this was my first guitar i would be very happy are just wanted a dam good cheap tely that costs next to nothing

  2. harvey

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high expectations. I was planning on swapping everything out on it and using it as a project guitar. Fit and finish and quality is great for the money, and far exceeded what I would expect. Would make a solid beginner guitar, and great option for someone to modify as a project. I’m a seasoned player with far too many guitars, and this one is pretty great for $150. Keep in mind though, that quality control with cheap instruments can be all over the place, so some will be better and some will be worse.

  3. Megan


  4. Donald Parks

    Not bad for the price. The fretboard radius is just a little too flat for my taste. I think it’s a 20 radius.

  5. Ron B.

    Good guitar, needed to get it tuned and buttons a little funny that’s why not 5 start.

  6. Ron B.

    Always a fan of the look, sound, and style of pretty much any guitar I’ve ever seen hung around the neck of Keith Richards, I thought I might look around for something that resembles one of the axes that he’s seen to fit include in his well-worked arsenal. So, I’m tooling through the guitar adds from various stores, reading through the reviews, and witnessing demos online, etc, when I came across this blonde beauty that pretty much no one has a negative word to say about. Okay, so for under two hundred I can get one sent to my house and it will serve as a useful tool, or at the very least, a really cool looking display. So, I plunk down the proper credit card information, and three or four days later, this beauty appears at my door. It turned out that those people who were impressed were right to have been! Not only is she pretty, but she plays great, stays in tune, needed no adjustments other than tuning it up, and I’ve been enjoying pretending to be a member of the Rolling Stones for about the last month. I’m more of a gourmand as far as guitars go, and won’t even pretend to know anything particular other than I like way that it feels, and I like the way that it sounds. If you are looking for a guitar that will come relatively cheap, play relatively well, and look like a million bucks, look no further. This baby is the one. Country, blues, classic rock, it’s got the goods and it’s hard to knock.

  7. Will Kartnik

    The edges on the fret board aren’t too flat, the fret edges are polished, the action is fine for beginners. The strings it comes with are ok, have some ernie ball super slinkys strings for when the time comes to change them. I use it with a dunlop wah and a donner echo/distortion pedals and have a lot of fun with it. Comfortable playing after several hours standing with it.

  8. Linda Zhou

    Great purchase thank you

  9. Alex Arnold

    This is really a great deal for the price

  10. Jamie l.

    I’m very pleased with this purchase

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