Flychord DP330




This digital Flychord piano has 88 Graded Hammer Fully Weighted Action keys reproduce the touch of an acoustic piano, replicating the feel of the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Synthetic Ivory K6 key tops provide a tactile surface to the white keys preventing slipping. ENDLESS FUNCTION: Easy access to 500 authentic voices,128 polyphony,200 preset styles,10 user styles,60 preset songs,10 user songs,120 album list and 5 demos,in addition to Auto Accompaniment, Song Recording,O.T.S.,MIDI…… Flychord DP330 provides a natural but professional piano experience with endless possibilities. The TOP Sound Engine with grand piano meticulously sampled produce an awesome and decent grand piano sound. At 24 x 59 x 15.4 inches dimensions, which makes it more substantial upright piano. 128 note polyphony allows pianists and players to play any music without a drop of a note.Three-half-damper pedal control allows continuously increasing amounts of note sustain, from slight to full, as you depress the sustain pedal.


  • 88 graded hammer-action keys
  • Backlit LED
  • 128 polyphony(max)
  • 500 voices
  • 200 preset styles
  • 60 preset songs, 5 demo songs, 120 album
  • L/H hand learning
  • MIDI in/out USB MIDI
  • Amplifier: 10W x 2
  • Woofer: 25W x 2
  • Tweeter: 20W x 2



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