Fugue Custom Z-30ii Intermediate Glossy Antique

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The Fugue Custom Z-30ii Intermediate Glossy Antique is ideal for more advanced players. The combination of this instrument’s size and range makes it extremely versatile and a popular choice amongst classical and jazz musicians. The Saxophone comes complete with a hard case, reed, and pad saver so the learner has everything they need to get started straight away and to properly care for the instrument. The included case is ideal for transporting the instrument to lessons and performances. It’s durable, lightweight and a perfect fit for the saxophone, providing protection when out and about, and safe storage when not in use. This durable case is finished with a tough outer shell, and plush interior with space for accessories. There’s also a mouthpiece with reed and ligature plus a pad-saver which is used to clean the instrument and prevent corrosive build-up.


Style: Alto sax
Size: Alto Eb intermediate
Body & Key-work: Antique lacquered brass with high gloss polish
Construction: Full ribbed
Body Finish: Antique
Springs: Blued steel
Tone Holes: Precision drawn
Screws: Stack adjusting
Auxiliary Keys: High F#
Reflectors: Domed metal
Thumb Rest: Stationed

Strong & Durable Body
This instrument has been designed with the advanced player in mind. The body is full ribbed with durable bracing on the neck and bell, helping it stand up to the demands of regular play and transport to and from lessons. The saxophone’s brass body is finished with a protective gold lacquer and polish.

Smooth Response & Tone
Blued steel springs provide a robust and durable action and give a brightness and snap to the instrument’s sound whilst domed metal reflectors aid projection. The Prince Music Student P-Series Alto Sax has a light, free blowing response that will reward new players with excellent intonation and a stability and evenness throughout the registers. Precision drawn tone holes allow maximum air passage through the instrument without leakage or cutting of pads, and an auxiliary high F# key extends the range and provides extra versatility. These features make it a great step-up instrument.

Included Accessories:
Hard Case
Pad Saver

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  1. meegz panther

    Great instrument, very high quality.

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