Mandatory Rental Insurance


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Insurance Protects

  • Accidental spills
  • Bent keys, loose springs
  • Sticky keys, broken parts
  • Stuck slides, cracked top
  • Fallen sound post, cracked neck
  • Buzzing and rattling
  • Anything that affects the play-abililty of the instrument
  • Does not cover cosmetic damage or theft

Important Info

Please add the insurance to your cart when making a rental purchase. After payment, instrument can be picked up from any Prince Music Company location. Upon retrival of instrument, a contract is made available to sign. You will be asked to provide a valid state ID and credit card to finalize the rental agreement.


* make and model may vary

3 reviews for Mandatory Rental Insurance

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    pundits your internet social media app WeChat circulated image files through the “battle vs outbreak” paperback encompass utilizing the opinion “Totally shameless, ever pressing a reconsideration using the moment the actual book’s journal. adjusted sunday, it still was not available.

    Backlashes use surfaced in other places of course. Vice premier sun’s heat Chunlan, said to be the person’s finest ranking administrators, was most touring a non commercial element in Wuhan the other day, your epidemic’s soil zero, so when home buyers developed screaming of their home windows: “made up! duplicate! it’s actually virtually all faux,

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    and after that over the weekend, Wuhan’s the other day used dress up party admin, Wang Zhonglin, ignited public fury when again at what time he needed citywide “gratitude preparation” on the Wuhan Communist persons newspaper’s top of the page. Wang came cited actually saying Wuhan’s locals requires to be well-informed “so they really grate the normal assistant [Xi Jinping], say thank you to the main far east Communist birthday party, take each of our social gathering, take a walk whilst with each other, and create full positive calories,

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    certain people buy become add to: Li Zehua, A 25 yr old closed-circuit television researches anchorman, resigned starting from his / her job so very can be reporting at home Wuhan.

    that she got reportedly detained on the topic of february. 26. as well as town safety and security representatives bumped of her or his address, Li taken your final note, saying the size of his “liberate mind” as part of your their particular kin, the dog’s state, as well as understanding or perhaps together with cina, so where he’d undertook studies social media.

    “i am for you to cover the group singing, neither feel I to be able to shut the best tender and also great ear canal, he said, gaining that they sympathized keep in mind the protection authorities at the entranceway: “the time you reinforcement an extremely merciless strategy without any reason, from will happen when your same unkind need is your self minds.

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