Opal OTB-300 Trombone





For the young or novice player, the Opal OTB-300 student trombone is designed with comfort and ease in mind. It features sturdy construction with a brass outer handslide and crook and a chrome inner handslide for added durability. This trombone offers a bright, lacquer finish and a strong weight and brace. It has responsive play-ability, perfect for a beginner practicing intonation and learning how to form notes. The Opal OTB-300 trombone comes with a case and a 12C mouthpiece, large shank, making it the perfect starter kit for the intermediate trombone player.


F attachment
Standard Yellow Brass Leadpipe
Hand hammered, yellow brass bell
Nickel silver embellishment tubes
Standard Handslide with Yellow Brass Outer Tubes
Includes Case and 12C Mouthpiece (Large Shank)


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