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The Strumenti a corde student cello is the perfect fit for beginning cello students of any age. It has a hardwood fingerboard and pegs and is made of basswood with a matte finish giving the instrument a beautiful, polished appearance and natural warm tone quality. It features an alloy tailpiece to aid in tone with four integrated fine tuners. The cello is sturdy and great for learning many different styles of music. It comes with a soft gig bag and a bow making it the perfect starter kit for the aspiring cellist. Available in 4/4.

Student Cello Specs

  • Dark Matt Finish
  • Hardwood fingerboard
  • Hardwood pegs
  • Basswood body
  • Alloy tailpiece
  • Gig bag with backpack straps
  • Arbor bow

student Cello size chart

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Additional information

Cello Style

1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4

8 reviews for Flash Sale: Strumenti a corde 106 Student Cello

  1. Hannah R.

  2. Trevor

  3. Miranda Hollingwell

    I am blown away by this cello. I played the violin from sixth grade on but always wanted to be playing the cello. Thirty years or so later, I finally took a chance on this one. It is amazing. I was hoping to just be able to make sound come from it since the price was so cheap for a full size cello. I was beyond impressed!!! It has such a beautiful tone. So mellow and the resonance is amazing!!! I highly recommend this instrument to anyone! It does not sound like a beginner cello. There’s no tinny sound at all which was all I expected to hear. Plus it’s gorgeous. It’s not that fake orange super shines fake wood looking cello but an old soul. It sounds like an old soul too. I am in love with it!! The case and the bow are both better than I expected too. The whole set up is more than I expected and I am thrilled with this purchase!!

  4. Heather D.

    The construction was well made. For the money and everything you get this is a great set up to get started with. The dots on the feet board really make short work out of finger placement. This will be a key part of learning for myself. Exciting to get started after only a few minutes of unpacking and set up and tuning, to start making music. Such a fun set up that deserves a look from anyone looking to learn a complicated instrument more easily.

  5. Charles Mayer

    We could not be more pleased. This is a perfect beginner cello. Easy to tune and keep in tune. The tone is great. It comes with a bow that is well made. We highly recommend. Even if my son decides in a few months not to continue we are still ahead as rental prices are high.

  6. Khong Nguyen

    We love our cello! We have many stringed instruments and always wanted to add a cello to our collection. This was the perfect way to do that! It is very well made and the sound quality is good. We are looking forward to learning to play it and improving our skills.

  7. Barbara T.


  8. Jacqueline O.

    I’m getting back into cello after taking A decade off.
    This is a beautiful cello. The matte finish adds so much charm and sophistication.

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