Strumenti a corde 2100 Standard Viola Outfit


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Strumenti a corde viola is a beautiful, high quality student viola made from solid, hand carved tonewoods. It features a body constructed of maple with a spruce top, pear wood pegs, a well made, hardwood fingerboard, and a hardwood Dresden style chinrest. This viola boasts a warm, mature sound with a beautiful, classic appearance. It comes in a matte finish, light colored with varnish on the entire body and along the back of the neck. It has book matched back as a solid piece of maple was used and delicately carved. It comes designed with playability in mind and includes a durable and high-quality carbon fiber tailpiece. It comes with a bow and a case, making it the perfect package for the student and intermediate viola player. Comes in 12″, 13″, and 14″ sizes.


  • Model: 2100 viola
  • Oil varnish
  • Hand carved tonewoods
  • Book matched maple back
  • Naturally dried for 3 years solid spruce top
  • Carbon fiber tailpiece
  • Pear wood pegs
  • Naturally dried for 3 years maple back and sides
  • Includes hard foam case
  • Complete set up with bow
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11", 12", 13", 14"

2 reviews for Strumenti a corde 2100 Standard Viola Outfit

  1. Samuel Thompson

  2. Dolores

    This viola over all for the price was fantastic…HOWEVER…Remember that you ARE buying a viola that will be shipped to you IN a TRUCK…where it will be tossed about and the tuning pegs and the strings will probably come undone…

    Now I already play a ukulele and a mandolin and a guitar so for me to put the tuning pegs and strings back on was no big deal. But for someone who has never owned an instrument before they will need someone who can help them to make sure it works…

    It’s a good violin, especially for a beginner, comes with great accessories but I would replace the rosin with a better quality rosin like hill it will sound better.

    Also, I found that the tuning pegs were better after I tapped them (lightly!) with a hammer to keep them in tighter…this greatly helped with the tuning process.

    I’m still giving this product five stars because it’s price means that it is possible for someone on a strict budget can still afford a viola where as before it would have been impossible especially as the next cheapest viola can go for $600 or more…

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