Prince Student P-Series TB1A Gold Trombone




Student P-Series by Prince trombones are am economical way to get your child started in school band. These instruments are hand-picked buy our staff of qualified musicians, teachers, and buyers. This trombone is comfortable for small hands, and offers a bright sound that is easy to produce. It has responsive play-ability, perfect for a beginner practicing intonation and learning how to form notes. The student series trombones include a case and a 12C mouthpiece making it the perfect starter kit for the school band. This trombone is an online exclusive. Not available in stores!


  • Made of soft yellow brass
  • Lightweight hard foam case
  • Silver plated 12 C mouthpiece
  • Tenor trombone
  • Key of Bb
  • Bell: 7.6″ diameter
  • Color: Gold (yellow brass)
  • Lacquer: Clear