The Ukuleles

Fun, Easy, Affordable

Three unique, good-quality, well-priced ukuleles you can take home and jam with!

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Why get a Ukulele?

While learning larger, more traditional instruments is always encouraged, the prospect of a guitar, a piano, or a trumpet can be daunting, both when it comes to complexity and price.
The ukulele is an instrument that all levels of experience can play and which doesn't break the bank. It's an introduction to the world of music for those of us who just want to make a joyful noise (this is a very forgiving instrument), and a great new perspective and instrument to learn for those of us who enjoy expanding our experiences.

In the next few blurbs, we'll describe the ukuleles we have for sale, from the least to most expensive. All have their merits and none break the bank - take a look!

Magic: Sweet and Easy on the Budget...

With a standard body of 21" this ukulele is a comfortable size, small enough to tuck into an elbow, but big enough for easy playing.
This ukulele, with its warm coffee coloring and sturdy bass wood body, is great for a beginner who wants a powerful, if not expensive, instrument.
Unlike its brethren at our store, the Magic ukulele has a flatter sound and cuts through warm undertones with a bright treble voice. Don't expect to get natural harmonies from one string on this ukulele. It's a great go-to, take-on-a-trip, bright ukulele.

Deviser: Beautiful and Warm

With a smaller-sized body of 14" this soprano ukulele is a snug fit - perfect for the petite, the young, or for anyone who wants a bright, bold sound out of a surprisingly tiny instrument.
The main attraction of this instrument is, of course, the beautiful bird- and flower-shaped sound hole. This unique design does not take away from the power or volume of this instrument, however, so there is the benefit of the individual look with a still great sound.
Unlike its cousin the Magic ukulele, our Deviser ukelele has a natural satin finish, leaving the underlying basswood grain easy to see.
The Deviser ukelele has a richer, warmer tone than the Magic ukelele, but with a smaller fingerboard it is definitely made for those with slender fingers or small hands.
Omi: Multiple Tunings and Higher Quality

At 21", this ukelele is a standard-size and perfect for any player, young or old, large or small.
With a sleek sapele wood body and okoume neck (types of wood usually specialized for ukuleles), this instrument has a rich, warm tone with clear, bright sound that doesn't grate on the senses.
Both tasteful and of excellent quality, this instrument sports a delicate sun around the sound hole and, like its Deviser cousin, has its wood grain exposed under the satin finish to give off a rugged, yet classy, air.

Initer: Larger Body and Better Tone

Our Initer ukulele stands at a full 24″ and has the power to go with its larger size. Warm and rich, this sapele wood ukulele is even better than our Omi at being re-tuned and played in multiple voicings: Soprano, Tenor, or Baritone. At $68, this is a very well-priced and highly versatile instrument that is one of our best when it comes to quality.

Enjoy a ukulele with us!

BWS: Bright and Powerful

While more expensive than the rest, sitting at $88, this ukulele is just as good as our Initer ukulele, though with a few key differences.
This instrument, while the same size and of similar quality to our Initer ukulele, demonstrates a very different sound. The sound is bright, vibrant, and projects the most of all our ukuleles. While able to re-tune well enough, this ukulele performs at its best in soprano tuning, bringing out a delicacy in the higher register that you just can’t hear in the other instruments.

Popular Songs on the Ukulele!

(not technically a ukulele song but very popular on ukulele!)