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Whatever style you want to learn, we can teach it. The harmonica teachers are experienced and professional private music instructors that will not only have you playing, but understanding what it is you are playing. Lessons will include drills for learning popular riffs, understanding musical progressions, scales, and patterns. Music lessons can be given in our studio, or in your home. Music helps enrich a child’s life by making them well rounded and by building confidence. They will be required to create a practice schedule to follow which will teach discipline and study skills that can be used for other subjects.

Many subjects are taught in music including math when learning subdivision, history when studying piece from different time periods, and language since musical terminology is in Latin. Adults can also benefit from music lessons. There is no set number that tells us when we stop learning. All out lives we grow and mature and with age comes wisdom. In fact, adults find they are able to learn an instrument much quicker now than could as a child.

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