Piano Lessons for Beginners to Advanced

Piano lessons in the Twin Cities
Enjoy and learn classical or contemporary piano. Take piano lessons at Roseville or Edina, from instructors who teach for the love of music. Beginning to advanced taught in private or small group.

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What to Expect

About Our Private Piano Lessons

Classical piano is studied using method books that teach you to read music step-by-step while studying music from the classical era. Teachers area able to supplement traditional methods with contemporary study.

Piano Lessons

Music and the Child

Music is good for the developing mind and it builds confidence. Kids get a sense of achievement when they are able to play a musical instrument. Also, numerous studies show that musical children consistently score higher than their non-musical counterparts on standardized tests. Children taught at our studio are required to create and follow a practice schedule, to teach discipline and study skills that can be used in other areas of study.

The Teachers

Our teachers are professional musicians who have dedicated their lives to music and you'll benefit from their years of formal education in universities and beyond. You will work closely with your instructor as they progress you through various piano method books. Our teachers are kind, flexible, and willing to work with you on your schedule. Make-up lessons are usually a breeze because our goals are to teach you, not worry you over missed or late lessons.

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