Violin Lessons

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What to Expect

Pursue Excellence in Music:

Violin lessons include learning to read music, sight reading pieces, using correct posture, improving playing techniques, and studying scales. Students will play both classical pieces and contemporary music. They will also learn to follow chord progressions and improvise solos while studying jazz and the blues.

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The Violin Instructors:

The teachers tailor each lesson differently so every one of our students' needs are met. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and have you playing on your very first lesson. As always, parents are welcome to attend lessons any time they like.

How Lessons Work

The teacher will go over new material during the lessons and help the student to understand the material. The student then goes home and practices what they've learned. It is easy to advance on the violin with proper instruction and daily practice.

Music will Enrich a Child's Life:

Learning to play an instrument makes children well rounded and builds confidence. Children taught at our studio are required to create and follow a practice schedule, to teach discipline and study skills that can be used in other areas of study.

Studies have shown that students taking private music lessons consistently score higher on standardizes test than their non-musical counterparts. Playing the violin activates several different brain regions that are necessary for critical thinking.

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