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Clarinet lessons are all about you, and what you want out of the experience. Sure, we can guide you by suggesting books, methods, and exercises. But the most important thing is learning what you want to. We listen to your goals, and will help you exceed your very own expectations. Our school offers a comprehensive plan to learn musical notation and note reading, composition, theory, and more!
clarinet lessons
Parts of Clarinet Study

Other important things clarinet lessons can incorporate is learning scales and arpeggios, studying modes and how they related to music, and gaining a deeper understanding of chord theory, which is important even for a melody making instrument like the clarinet to know. You can study jazz or the blues. Also play classical or contemporary pieces. It's up to you and your teacher. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

what about the teachers?

Our Talented Instructors

Our clarinet instructors are professional, and easy to learn from and many have dedicated their lives to music and music education. Our company takes pride in each and every one of our students and we work to match you with someone perfect for your learning style. Our semi-annual recitals are a time for the students to showcase their talent, but behind the scenes the teachers' talent is being showcased as well.

Music and Children

Music Can Shape Your Child's Mind

When a kid learns an instrument, they are learning something to be proud of. Being able to play an instrument like the clarinet takes time, dedication, and talent. When a child is able to achieve goals they set, they feel good about what they've accomplished. Aside from building self-confidence, studying music can improve overall cognition resulting in a more creative outlook and higher test scores. Children taking music lessons at our school will be required to create a practice schedule, teaching discipline and study skills that can be used through out life.
clarinet lessons

clarinet lessons

Music and school

Music Can Help You in School

Think about all the subjects are taught in music. We learn about math, history, and language just by studying a little Schubert or Brahms. Adults benefit from music lessons, too. There is no age when we stop learning.