Our Philosophy

We View Each Lesson Differently

How Lessons Work:

We offer lessons that use time-tested teaching strategies, in combination with new and progressive methods. The books we teach from are well written to make learning fun and easy. Once a book is selected based on skill level and goals, students soon discover the music lessons are taught in a structured and precise manor. There is a lot of information to go over during a lesson as our instructors work to develop disciplined, well trained musicians. Our lessons will place an emphasis on reading music, theory, and performance.

What Lessons Focus On:

Music lessons include teaching the student proper care for their instrument, working to develop a steady tone, improving playing technique, practice with sight reading, and rigorous scales studies. Students will learn to read rock charts, jazz charts, and lead sheets. They will learn to follow chord progressions, and improvise their own solos. The most disciplined students move on to transposition and composition. Other areas of focus will vary from each individual instrument. The music teachers are flexible and tailor each lesson differently so every one of our students' needs are fulfilled.

music lessons

Develop Technique

Our instructors work to develop disciplined, well trained musicians by working on sight reading techniques, studying musical progressions, and memorizing major and minor scales and arpeggios.

music lessons

Enhance Skills

Beginners aren’t all that we teach! Learn advanced techniques unique to your instrument. Dig deep into music theory and incorporate it when soloing, and in composition.

music lessons

Build Repertoire

Learn a variety of styles from classical to contemporary. Different forms will be taught so students understand how songs are put together including the 12 bar blues, I-vi-IV-V, and AABA.

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