Indigo Gabbro


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Indigo Gabbro is a relatively new crystal mined ONLY in Madagascar and a few locations in Alaska. Anything else that has the ‘Gabbro’ label is more than likely a blend of black and white minerals, but will not be the specific mix that makes Indigo Gabbro what it is and is, therefore, a different crystal.

Indigo Gabbro ~ is a combination of several minerals such as chlorite, muscovite, serpentine, feldspar, magnetite, and several other lesser known minerals & metals elements in a dark grey matrix.

The label ‘Indigo’ came about as Indigo Gabbro has the most beautiful mix of colors from pale indigo all the way through to jet black. The word ‘Gabbro’ pertains to a group of igneous rocks formed of quartz that is laden with magnesium and iron. These types of rocks make up a large part of the Ocean’s crust and are similar chemically to Basalt, but are completely different in look, weight, and energy.

On a spiritual level, Indigo Gabbro is wonderful as it supports us in bringing our spiritual practices/beliefs into physical reality. Many people struggle when they have a spiritual awakening or start to explore a spiritual path. Often, their friends & family will have no idea about or interest in ‘spirituality’, so they hide their experiences and spiritual gifts and keep them separate from their day to day lives. Indigo Gabbro brings strength and teaches us how to slowly but surely, bring our spiritual beliefs & practices into our home, our relationships and our work so these various aspects of our lives can work in harmony and support each other.

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