Fugue F101c Flute

Fugue F101c Flute

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For the beginning flutist, Fugue F101c flute is designed with comfort and ease in mind. This instrument is ideal for a beginner to be able to focus on learning how to properly form notes and practice intonation. This flute is a popular model amongst many school bands and will blend well in a class of flutes. The fugue flutes come with a cleaning wand and a hard foam case with a plush lining making it the perfect starter kit for the beginning flute player.

Fugue F101c Flute Specs

  • Level: Student
  • Headjoint: Silver-plated
  • Body and Foot Material: Silver-plated
  • Key Material: Silver-plated
  • Key Style: Boehm System
  • Tone Holes: Drawn
  • Foot Style: C-Foot
  • Off-set G
  • Includes: Case and Cleaning Rod


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