Opal OFL-100 Flute
Opal OFL-100 Flute

Opal OFL-100 Flute

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For the young or novice player, the Opal OFL-100 Student Flutes are designed with comfort and ease in mind. This instrument is ideal for a beginner to be able to focus on learning how to properly form notes and practice intonation. This flute is designed for tone production and intonation so that your instrument’s music will blend well in a performance hall and play altissimo notes with a brilliant sound. The Opal flutes come with a cleaning wand and high-quality leather case with a plush lining making it the perfect starter kit for the beginning flute player.

Opal OFL-100 Specs

  • Level: Student
  • Headjoint: Nickel-plated
  • Body and Foot Material: Nickel-plated
  • Key Material: Nickel-plated
  • Key Style: Closed holes
  • Off-set G
  • Foot Style: C-Foot
  • Includes: Leather Case and Cleaning Rod

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