Green Jasper


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To the ancient and medieval world, the most sought-after variety of Jasper was distinctly green. Although, due to its clarity and translucency, it was often compared to the emerald and other green stones which today would be classified as chalcedony. Nowadays, we name Jasper the opaque microcrystalline quartz. The color palette of his rare, single-colored stone ranges from nuances such as pale fresh green to strong green tea – more as the Japanese see it or olive green. Though green jasper is better known as a solid color, it can also be spotted, ringed, mottled, or striped. The etymological meaning of the word ‘jasper’ – ‘the spotted stone’ appropriately reflects that. Iron oxides, earthy clays, and any other such mineral inclusions pattern it in unique designs. Along with the opaque variety, the translucent green shows up in Orbicular and Rainbow jaspers, and in other specific stones such as Arizona Lizard Stone, Rainforest Jasper or Heliotrope.

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