Tenor Saxophone Rental




For the beginner, our student tenor saxophone rental is designed to get you playing a great instrument at an affordable price. The instruments chosen for rental are ideal for a beginner to be able to focus on learning how to properly form notes and practice intonation. These saxes are popular model amongst many school bands and will blend well with a class of saxophones. The rental instrument comes with a mouthpiece, ligature and a case with a plush lining making it the perfect starter kit for the beginning player.

Rental Terms

  • Payment is $44.97 per month
  • After 24 months you own the instrument
  • 50% of payments may be applied to the purchase or rental of another instrument
  • Can be returned at any time with no penalties
  • Early buy-out plan saves you money
  • Mandatory insurance is $4.97 per month

Instrument Specs

  • High-quality brass
  • Detailed engravings
  • Sturdy construction
  • Bracing on the bell, neck, and palm rests
  • High F# Key
  • Pads: Standard
  • Includes case, mouthpiece, ligature, and cap

Important Info

Remember to add the insurance to your cart. After payment, the instrument may be picked up from any Prince Music Company location. Upon retrieval of the instrument, a contract is made available to sign. You will be asked to provide a valid state ID and credit card to finalize the rental agreement.


* make and model may vary


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