Opal OTS-100 Student Tenor Saxophone

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The Opal OTS-100 tenor saxophone is an excellent choice for students looking an affordable tenor that is durable, free blowing, and has excellent intonation. With a high F# note, leather pads and strong bracing on the neck and bell, the OTS-100 is durable and will suffice through elementary school and well into high school, even for a dedicated student.

The Opal line of instruments was developed to offer the student musician an excellent start to their music career, at prices that parents can afford. Opal instruments standards for intonation meet industry standards, have a high degree of comfort,  and are an ideal alternative to renting.


  • Professional-style keywork
  • Lacquered brass body, neck and bell
  • Strong bracing on next and bell
  • High F# note
  • Includes molded case, mouthpiece, ligature and cap


Student Series Tenor Saxophone Model OTS-100

  • Model: OTS-100 tenor sax
  • Level: student
  • Key: Bb
  • Body, neck and bell material: lacquered brass
  • Range: Bb to High F#
  • Pads: leather

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2 reviews for Opal OTS-100 Student Tenor Saxophone

  1. Starla Holmes

  2. Taste Maschu

    Very good quality tenor saxophone. Very pleased with the order from Prince.

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