Vocal Lessons

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What to Expect

Pursue Excellence in Music:

Vocal lessons are unique when compared to instrumental lessons because your body is the instrument. The vocal coach works with you to develop your inner instrument - your voice. Daily exercises are needed to keep your vocal chords in good shape, including stretching and vocal warm-ups. For this reason, it is better to have a 45-minute or hour voice lessons because the first 15 minutes of the lesson is spent in warm-up. It's fun to train your voice and our coaches are hear to help you on your journey.

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The Voice Teachers:

Prince Music Company vocal instructors are hand picked teachers with a strong background in music education. They have developed a teaching curriculum unique to this lesson that helps kids and adults alike train their vocals. The material covered in vocal lessons include classical, religious, and contemporary pieces. Parents are encouraged to join in and assist their kids while studying voice and ear training.

Music will Enrich a Child's Life:

Learning to play an instrument makes children well rounded and helps build confidence. Children taught at our studio are required to create and follow a practice schedule, to teach discipline and study skills that can be used in other areas of study. Many different subjects are taught in music including math, history, and language. Adults also benefit from music lessons. There is no set number that tells us when we stop learning. All our lives we grow and mature, and many adults find they are able to learn an instrument much quicker now than could as a child.

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